The holidays

There is so much anticipation around the holidays, anticipation that it will turn out just perfectly and that unlike other days, you will hear from people that are just out of reach, or that you’ll get the acknowledgement that you’ve been waiting for.  A holiday is a sacred day, even if you tell yourself that it isn’t.  There is something about the day that you miss your family a little more and you feel sad when you’re alone instead of with them.  Today is Christmas and the first day of Chanukah and yes, I’m sad.  Sad for my family that feels ripped apart, for my family that is in different locations, and my family that doesn’t approve of my decisions.  All I want is to know my parents and sisters are proud of me, of the person I have come, of the hurdles I have conquered, and the  mountains I have climbed and rose to the top.  Today, I look out and I do see my spirit growing and I see my soul thriving, and I am proud of me.


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